Methinks the lady doth protest too much...

Current book: To Say Nothing of the Dog: Connie Willis
Current oddity: I would like cupcakes, please!

If it isn't evident by what I post, I'm a Whovian. I post from a myriad of other fandoms, but if you're a Whovian, we'll get along great.

Absolute Anglophile. My biggest ambition at the moment is to spend a couple of months in Europe. Mostly in the UK, but I want to see everything. I travel quite a bit, though. I usually manage two trips a year. Which is awesome.

I'm never really sure what I'm going on about, but as I see fit to feel it, I see fit to post it.

Basically, if you follow me, I love you. The end.
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the moment when benedict cumberbatch decided to retire

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It’s like she already knew she’d be in love with him and she already knew she’d have him all to herself one day.

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himym meme:

6 Running Gags

  • Ted’s ‘Please don’t.’
  • Marshall’s ‘Lawyered!’
  • Lily’s ‘You son of a bitch!’
  • Robin’s hate for Patrice
  • Barney’s ‘Challenge accepted.’
  • Ranjit’s ‘Helloooo!’

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